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24-25th June 2023




11th June 2023


FAST 50s

(Internal Competition)

Friday 26th May 2023

It was fantastic to see so many of our swimmers at the Fast 50s from our experienced swimmers to some of our new swimmers experiencing competition for the first time. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Results above show times from the night.  Age groups medal winners will be announced at the end of term fun session as well as the Fast 50s Shield Winner and any record breakers.

Age Group Winners

Shield Winner




20-21st May 2023




13th May 2023

Nairn swimmers returned from the Elgin MIni Grad Meet with an impressive medal haul.

In the 8 year old age group Calle Cameron earned a gold in 25m fly and silver in 25m free.  Impressive PBs in both races.

In the 9 year old age group Sam Williams cut 24.05 seconds from his 100IM entry time to win a silver medal.  Sam also came away with a silver in 50 back and bronze in 50 free.

Daniel Greig swam really well in his second external meet in 50 free and 50 back gaining confidence with every stroke in the 10 year old age group.

Our 11 year old females Anna Black, Rija Fatima and Eva Williams all had very strong swims with some great PBs.  Technique is improving as are their race skills.  

We had 2 swimmers in the 13 year age group - Charlie Cameron and Lucy Smith.  Charile cut an amazing 31.74 seconds from his 50 free entry time and cut time in his 100 free.  Lucy placed second in the 100 breaststroke to claim the silver medal.

Olivia Roberts represnted Nairn in the 14 years age group.  Olivia came home with a gold for her 50 back and a silver for 50 fly.  She cut time in 5 out of her 6 races.

In the 15 year age group Rachael Gillespie came home with 3 golds for 100 back, 50 back and 100 free.  She also gained a silver medal for her 100IM.

Finally our relay team Sam, Anna, Rija and Eva came home with a bronze for the 200 free relay and were placed just outside of the medals for the Medley Relay.

Thanks to Elgin for hosting a great Meet.

Thanks also to coaches Fiona and Melissa for supporting the swimmers and to the Parents that performed duties to allow the Meet to run smoothly.



6th May 2023

The King’s Coronation may have clashed with Thurso’s Mini-Meet, but that didn’t stop a good crowd from gathering for fast-paced swimming at a northerly location on 6 May.

Whether it was 4am alarm clocks or Coronation quiche for breakfast something put the ‘go’ into team Nairn for the day. It was great to see three of the five swimmers from NDASC getting their first taste of competing at an external event as well as great effort and achievement evident from all of the swimmers.

In the 9-year-old age group, Sophie sliced 3 seconds from her 25m freestyle best time, and an even more impressive 7 seconds in the 25m backstroke.

For a debut appearance Francesca also did very well to return a 6th position placing and 16s personal best in the 11-year-old 50m breaststroke event, whilst also returning a time improvement in the 50m freestyle. 

Kirstie rounded off the first timers splash into the meet scene with 5s personal bests achieved in both the 11-year-old 50m freestyle and backstroke events.

Rija, as well as doing a great job supporting the swimmers at their first meet, returned solid results, with top ten finishes and new personal bests in the 11-year-old 50m freestyle, fly and backstroke events.

To ‘crown’ things off the gentle sound of clinking medals accompanied Jessica at the end of the day, with top three placings in the four 50m 11-year-old events.

Quote of the day from one of our swimmers “… when I saw her feet, I knew I had to go faster…”

Proof perhaps these events really help our younger swimmers discover how well they can perform.

A great day for team Nairn, a very big thank you and well done to the swimmers. Similarly, a big thank you to Thurso ASC for being very welcoming hosts, and of course all parents in support. “



22nd April 2023

A fabulous day for team Nairn at the Buckie Easter Meet, with a squad haul of 10 medals and personal bests achieved by all swimmers.

Our two youngest swimmers returned blistering performances in the 9 year old age group. Jessica Cowie-McInnes recording a 13.66s PB, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals across 50m events in backstroke, breaststroke and freestyle. Sam Williams also securing a 7.53s PB and two Gold medals in the breaststroke and freestyle events.

Hot heats were a feature for the day, adding to the fun, with Sam winning mixed age heat prizes in two events. Winning one hot heat would have been great, securing two returned extra smiles all round!

Daniel Greig also returned a strong performance in the 10 year old age group, with PBs and top five positions in both backcrawl and freestyle.

Last but not least team Nairn did really well in the 11 year old category. Rija Fatima securing a big 6.26s PB and top ten placing in the 50m fly, backstroke and freestyle events. Eva Williams also had a great day with top ten finishes in all events, and of those three were top five, along with a raft of PBs, including a 6.44s PB in the 100IM. A super performance too from Anna Black achieving a huge 7.61s PB in the 100IM, as well as great participation in all five events. Jessica Thomas helped with the total medal tally, bringing home 2 Gold, 1 Silver and 2 Bronze medals.

A super day of swimming, with great effort applied and much fun had. A huge well done to the all of the swimmers and a big thank you too to all parents in support!’





Round 2

3-5 March 2023



18-19th February 2023

A total of 14 swimmers competed at the Elgin Spring Meet with Steven as coach over the two days. Jacob Duncan took two gold medals for the 50m breaststroke and the 100m breaststroke, Eve Ross took a bronze for the 50m breaststroke.  Anna Reid climbed the rankings in the Female Open 50 Free to make the Finals.

All the swimmers got PBs, majority of swimmers more than one, the three biggest being Erin Anderson who knocked 9.12sec off her 100 IM, Caitlin Allan took 6.93sec off her 100 IM and Fraser Dunbar taking 6.19sec off his 50 Backstroke.

Thank you to Steven for looking after all the swimmers and to the swimmers for supporting each other and displaying great sportsmanship.

Well done NDASC swimmers!!



Round 1

3-5th February



29th January 2023

All our NDASC swimmers put in fantastic performances at the Garioch Mini
Meet. They all did a great job of supporting and looking after each other, and as
a team were a great advocate for the club.
Jessica and Calle, who were both competing in their first big competition
outside of the club had excellent swims. Jessica gained a huge PB in 25 Free and
Calle got PB’s in all her swims. We all look forward to seeing you two race again!
Anna also had a great day. She had lots of great swims including PB’s in 50 Back
and in 50 Free. A lot to be proud of Anna!
Florence had a big smile on her face all day with some fantastic performances
including a PB in 50 Backstroke.
Eva did a lot of swimming and put in some great performances in all her races
gaining PB’s in 50 Free and 50 Breast.
Sam had some great swims, with many PB’s and was delighted to win a bronze
medal in 50 Free and to not be disqualified in the 100 IM!
A big thank-you to coach Fiona who did a great job of looking after everyone
and encouraging all the swimmers all day long.
After a long day (and a very early start), all our swimmers left tired, happy and
with a lot to be proud of. Well Done everyone!



22nd January 2023





25-26 November 2022



12-12 November 2022


Session1 Finals


Session2 Finals



11 NOVEMBER 2022



5th-6th November 2022



30 October 2022

Four scary hagged wee water witches attended the Sunday meet on what turned out to be a warm day with strangely dark and moody skies. Meeting at 09:00hrs outside the main doors, the girls instantly formed the NAIRN squad in their club T-shirts. The girls racing under NDASC were: 

Jessica Thomas

Anna Black

Rija Fatima

Florence Burleigh

The team was organised and kept in line by coach Jo Thomas who did a fantastic job all day organising and conducting the gaggle of loud, scary hags across multiple roles in support of them all. I think it’s important to highlight just what a superb job was done by Jo; and even from behind frosted glass and no real vantage point of watching the girls race (as a parent) it was evident that Jo helped with everything from individual coaching, post swim debrief(s) high fives and hugs, stroke analysis and the calming of building nerves as the swimmers raced and fought for glory and PB’s. This is a full on job, but one which is key in building a FAB team that races hard, and also ensures that everybody competing has a great day, builds competition experience and leaves keen to sign up again for another eventful day racing amongst firm friends.

Special mention to Riffat for her swim time keeping duties and forming part of the massive team of officials that are needed on the day to ensure an event like this goes swimmingly!

A VERY special mention to Anna’s sister who’s MASSIVE support poster for her sister and the NAIRN SQUAD girls was quite literally a work of ART!

You can see the results for yourself (just click the meet title), but in summary new PB’s were set, previous records smashed, non stop poolside action in and out of the water and yet again a solid group of friends left having spent the day supporting each other and gaining further levels of confidence and experience for their racing CV’s.

The photos on Facebook also show Nairn dominance in the lunch break park equipment activities with new heights of group swinging action and alternative race preparation for the afternoon session.

Banchory leisure facilities are quite new, well organised and able to cope with a meet of this size; however there is no real space for parents to spectate, and due to the amount of poolside officials and parents on the other side of the glass at the far end of the pool, it was almost impossible to watch the girls; and as we were all on the other side of the glass wall you could not offer loud and encouraging support as they raced. This was both a shame for all the parents and frustrating for new comer parents who didn’t get to support poolside as maybe they had hoped.

Well done to all the girls who formed the NDASC squad on Sunday. You all performed brilliantly, and it was so good to see how you looked after each other throughout the day. 

Kim Hunter (Florence’s mum)

Buckie Pentaqua 22 October 2022


North District Autumn Age Groups 10-11 September 2022

The word AWESOME in the dictionary means: extremely impressive; inspiring awe.

That is the first word that best describes the Nairn Swimmers that went to the Inverness Autumn Age Group meet on 10/11 September 2022.

Yes, our new swimming gala season has officially kicked off, and what a great way to start.

Hot pools, water bottles at the ready for both swimmer and parents; and iPhones and tablets on stand-by to capture those moments of our darlings swimming joy (along with keeping tabs on the sporting/other events during the weekend).

Well, this weekend had it all. We certainly pulled our punches, and placed well in our races, with:




26 PBs were smashed over the weekend as well, ranging from 0.43 to 26.02 seconds!

For the 11 swimmers that went over the course of the weekend, that is a fantastic target to have achieved.

To our swimmers (Erin A, Jessica T, Annabelle S, Jessica M, Rija F, Rachael G, Olivia R, Anna R, Jacob D, Bailey U and James C) well done on your achievements this weekend.

So many happy, smiling faces. For many this gala would have been the first in a while. Fantastic results achieved, and for some, long waited PBs have finally come!

This is what you train for….these are the results of your efforts.

To our lovely ‘people’ in white. Thank you so much for your continued support in volunteering your time to officiate over the weekend.

Jo Thomas was our anchor this weekend, cheering the swimmers on and on-hand to offer a kind word. Thank you! Your weekend spent in the sauna and covered in splashes was/is very much appreciated.

Until our next gala swimmers, keep going, train hard and enjoy this sport you love!!


North District Developmet Pentaquas 25-26June 2022

A small team of swimmers competed at the ND Development Pentaqua Meet held at the Aquadome in Inverness on 25th and 26th June.

Abigail Thomas (13) committed to swimming in the 200 races with medal success in each swim and coming home as overall Pentaqua champion in her age group.  Abigail knocked a massive 18.40 seconds off her 200 fly!  Her medals were gold (200 IM), silver (200 back, 200 breast & 200 fly) and bronze (200 free)

Olivia Roberts, Eve Ross and Bailey Urquhart competed in the 100 Pentaqua on the Sunday.

Olivia (14) enjoyed her first meet as a Nairn swimmer.  Olivia gained PBs in her 100 breast, 100 back and 100 free. 

Eve (15) came home with a gold and a PB in her 100 breast in the 15+ age group.

Bailey (16) was also swimming in the 15+ age group with some tough competition.  Bailey had medal success in all 5 of his races – Gold (100 IM), silver (100 back, 100 free, 100 fly) and bronze (100 breast).

Buckie Mini-Meet Saturday 18th June

Grantown Friendly Saturday 28th May

When you think of 'FUN', sitting in a hot-sauna-like swimming pool, is probably not at the top of your fun-list!

BUT, I think we all can agree that last Saturdays friendly gala between Grantown Swimming Club and Nairn District Swimming Club was FUN!

It was a gala that brought together our very young (new to swimming galas) swimmers with our experienced gala goers.

Showing, to perfection, how you can evolve as a swimmer in a wonderful swimming club like ours.

From standing as an Official, to standing on the blocks for your very first time ... or maybe the 100th time - everyone had smiles, some anxious and some excited.

And the inter-club cheering was not only encouraged, but completely genuine!  Great support from everyone.

It takes time, not only to organise these galas, but also to get swimmers ready for them.  To all the first time Nairn swimmers who went - well done.  This is what it's all about - never forget the joy and fun you had.

Equally, to all our seasoned gala swimmers, never forget the fun and the joy that swimming brings you.  This gala, hopefully, would have reminded you all of that.

THANK YOU (such an underrated word) but we are truly thankful to all our Coaches, Officials and Volunteer helpers.  Without you, we just couldn't do these galas.

Lastly, Grantown Swimming Club - we had a blast!

Thanks for organising this amazing meet with us.  Until the next time ......

Swimmers, you ALL rocked!

Elgin Mini-Grad 21 May 2022

A team of 9 swimmers attended the Elgin Mini-Grad meet at Buckie Pool.

It was a great experience for some of our younger swimmers to compete against swimmers from other clubs as well as see some of their older team mates swim.

There were a number of strong swims across all of the age groups, the medal count was high and PBs were numerous.

Sam Williams (8) left the meet with 2 silver medals and 2 PBs for his 25 Free and 25 Back

Eva Williams (10) dropped time in her 50 Breast and 50 Free

Rija Fatima (10) gained PBs in her 50 breast and 50 free. 

Florence Burleigh (10) had the biggest PB of the team  - she cut 20.34 seconds from her 50 fly! A PB was also gained in her 50 free

Jessica Thomas (10) had some very strong swims and came away with a total of 5 medals (2 golds, 1 silver and 2 bronze).  Jessica’s PB of the day was 11.54 seconds off her 200IM – a new competitive event for Jessica.

Emily Bulcraig (12) had two impressive swims taking almost 4 seconds off her 100 back and just over 6 seconds off her 100 free to get a bronze & gold medals.

Rose Laurie (13) swam well in the 13-14 age group, taking time off in all 3 of her events and coming home with a bronze medal in the 100 free.

Jessica MacPherson (15) had a busy meet with a total of six events, she came home with 2 silver medals and a bronze, narrowly missing out on podium places in her 50 fly and 100 back.

Eve Ross (15) held her seeded places in both of her races to come away with 2 gold medals and PBs (50 and 100 Freestyle).

As well as coming home with medals and PBs our swimmers have also come home with ways to improve their swims in training for their next meets.  Unfortunately DQs (disqualification) but the swimmers will use these as a learning experience.

University of Aberdeen - Age Group Open Meet 30th April-1st May 2022

North District Age group Championships 2022 - 25-27 March 2022

NDASC Club Championships 2021 - 11 & 18 March 2022

Elgin Spring Meet 19&20 February 2022

North District Spring Championships 5&6 February 2022

Buckie Age Group Meet 29&30 January 2022

NDASC Gibson Shield 26 November 2021

Click here for Full Results

Age Group Winners:

Age 9 & Under Girls

1st Florence Burleigh

2nd Erin Anderson

Age 9 & Under Boys

1st Scott Mackellar

Age 10/11 Girls

1st Jessica Thomas

2nd Lucy Smith

3rd Florence Lindsay

Age 10/11 Boys

1st Xander McAlpine

2nd Lewis Anderson

3rd Hugh Lean

Age 12/13 Girls

1st Abigail Thomas

2nd Erin Anderson

Age 12/13 Boys

1st George Hamer

2nd Jack Mackellar

3rd Fraser Dunbar

Age 14/15 Girls

1st Eve Ross

Joint 2nd Jessica MacPherson and Rachael Gillespie

Age 14/15 Boys

1st Bailey Urquhart

Age 16 & Over Girls

1st Anna Reid

2nd Rosie Smith-Macaulay

3rd Sophie Gillespie

Age 16 & Over Boys

1st Lucas Weir

2nd Drew Johnston

Overall Winner of the Gibson Shield:

Bailey Urquhart with 8 points

Joint Runners Up of the Gibson Shield:

Abigail Thomas and Lucas Weir with 6 points each

Record breakers:

Bailey Urquhart took 0.19 seconds off the Boys age 14/15 Butterfly record with a time of 13.03 seconds

Lucas Weir took 0.32 seconds off the Boys age 16 & Over Butterfly record with a time of 12.56 seconds

Garioch Mo Money Medleys Meet - Inverurie - 21/22 Nov 2021

North District Autumn Championships Part 2 - Inverness - 13/14 Nov 2021

North District Autumn Championships Part 1 - Inverness - 9/10 Oct 2021

NDASC Autumn Sprints 22 - 24 September 2021

Summer Festival of Swimming 16-18 July 2021

ND Age Group Championships - Round 2 - 29 Feb/1 Mar 2020

Cults Otters Novice Gala 23 February 2020

Elgin Spring Meet 15/16 February 2020

ND Age Group Championships - Round 1 - 1/2 February 2020

Upper Deeside Challenge Meet 30 November 2019

NDASC Club Championships 15th Nov & 6th Dec 2019

North District Age Group Meet 23/24th November

On the weekend of the 23rd/24th November 8 swimmers from Nairn competed in the North District Age Groups in Inverness. Everyone swam well and achieved induvial PBs during the weekend.

Ella Garrow (11) swam well and achieved 4 great PBs including a 4.25 second PB in her 100m free.

Rachael Gillespie (12) had a great swim in the 50m Breastroke with a 0.94 PB.

Emily Hamer (12) set excellent PBs in her 200m back and 200m free swims taking 6.8 seconds off he back and 5.08 seconds off her free.

George Hamer (11) also swam well and achieved PBs in both his 100m and 200m backstroke events, taking 7.33 seconds off in his 200m.

Eve Ross (12) achieved PBs in all 7 of her events, the biggest being 15.87seconds off her 400IM time. 

Abigail Thomas (10) also attained PBs in all her events, including an impressive 7.17 second PB in the 200m breaststroke.

Bailey Urquhart (13) swam 9 events over the course of the weekend and achieved PBs in 7 of them including taking an impressive 6.99 seconds off his 400m free time.

Darcey Woodman (12) achieved 7 PBs from her 8 swims including an 8.42 second PB for her 200m free swim.

North District Open – Aberdeen 9/10 November 2019

Four senior Nairn swimmers headed to Aberdeen for the North District Open.Best PB of the weekend goes to Eilidh Mackay with a 2.48 for her 100 free and a PB in her 200 free.Followed by her team mate, Rosie Smith Macaulay had two great swims and PBs of 1.83 for 200 free  1.61 for 200 back and also 1.58 100 back.At the weekend Lucas Weir, swam hard and fast achieving PBS in his 100 free and 100 back of 0.45 and 0.5 respectively.Fellow team mate, Anna Reid also swam well  across her four swims over the weekend  and was tantalising close to her PBs.

Buckie Mini Meet 2nd November

A strong team of 13 NDASC swimmers competed in the Buckie Mini Meet on November 2nd.

Erin, Connie, Fraser, Ella, Rachael, Rose, Eilidh, Tori, Enda, Annabelle, Abigail and Jessica.

Abigail Thomas (10) swam well winning 4 gold medals across her swims, 50m Breast, 50m Free (PB), 50m Fly (PB), and her 50m Back and also won best 10 year old girl.  Jessica Thomas (8) won a sliver in her 25m breast and got a PB in her 25m fly.  Erin Anderson (9) swam well over her 4 swims gaining 3PB’s and securing a gold in her 50m Breast.  Ella Garrow (11) had 4 great PB swims achiving a silver in her 50m Breast and bronze in her 50m free, 50m fly and 50m back.  George Hamer (10) also swam very well gaining a PB across all 4 of his races and winning gold in his 50m back (PB) silver in his 50m fly (PB) and his 50m free (PB) and finally a bronze in his 50m breast (PB).  Connie Clinch (10) swam a great 50m breast and secured herself a sliver while Tori Nicol (10), Annabelle Schulz (11), Eilidh Maclennan (11) and Fraser Dunbar (10) swam well all achieving good PB,s

Rose Laurie (11) had 4 great swims and gained PB’s in all her races as did Enda Riley (11) who impressively knocked 4.02 off his 50m fly, 5.89 off his 50m back, 6.35 off his 50 free and a staggering 11.71 off his 50m breast.

The Relay Team of George, Ella, Rachael and Abigail swam excellent races bagging gold in the 10-11-year 200m freestyle and a well-deserved gold in the 10-11year 200m medley where the team broke the meet record with a time of 2.33.44.

To end the day on a high Nairn won best team and retained the title for the 2nd year in a row.

Gibson Shield 20 Sept 2019

Full results

Age group winners

Nairn IM Challenge Meet 8 June 2019

Thurso Mini Meet 4 May 2019

A small team of four swimmers from Nairn District ASC competed in the Thurso Mini-Meet on 4 May 2019.

George Hamer (10) was on super form during the day, achieving a silver medal in his 50m backstroke and two bronze medals in his 50m breaststroke and 50m fly.

Abigail Thomas (10) also swam superbly well coming away with three silver medals in 50m backstroke, 50m breaststroke and 50m freestyle and a gold medal in 50m fly.

Thurston Clokie (11) enjoyed a great meet, having brilliant swims in 50m freestyle and 50m breaststroke and taking home a bronze medal in 50m backstroke. He also achieved good PB’s in both swims.

Emily Hamer (12) achieved fourth place in 50m backstroke and 50m freestyle and a bronze medal in 50m breaststroke, whilst also recording new PBs in all three events.

The team also swam great races in their relay events. Never having swum together as a relay team previously, they finished a very respectable 5th place in the 200m medley and 6th place in the 200m freestyle relay.

Dundee Spring Development Meet 28 April 2019

Ella Garrow (10) had some great swims at Menzieshill Whitehall Swimming and Waterpolo Club Spring Development Meet. She took 13 secs off her 200 IM and came away with a "Too fast Certificate" in 200 back, gold in 200 IM and silver in 200 free. She was missing her team mates but was kindly invited to be part of The Arbroath St Thomas relay team!

University of Aberdeen Long Course 27/28 April 2019

Eight swimmers from Nairn District ASC, competed in the University of Aberdeen Long Course Age Group Open on 27th and 28th April 2019.

Jessica Schulz (14) was delighted to reach the final of three individual events within her age group of 14/15 years. These were the 50m breast, 100m breast and the 200m IM. She performed exceptionally well in all of these races, just missing out on a bronze medal in the 100 breast and took off over 2 and a half seconds from her previous time in the 200IM. Great things are expected in the coming months.

Also reaching the finals in the 16 & over category were Anna Reid (16) and Jacob Duncan (19). Anna competed in the 100 back and 50 fly. Her best performance was in the backstroke event where she finished in 5th place. Jacob finished in 6th position in the 50m breaststroke.

Brooke Lawrie (18) managed solid performances in the middle distance events. She achieved a good personal best in the 400m freestyle and two 4th places in the 400IM and 200 fly.

Lucas Weir (16) swam well in very competitive events. A stand out performance of 27.11 seconds in the 50m freestyle, saw him swim very close to his personal best.

The three twelve year olds - Emily Hamer, Eve Ross and Darcey Woodman all came away with personal best times and valuable experience in a long course pool. Particularly noteworthy was Emily’s 200m breaststroke, where she reduced her personal best by 7.50 seconds, making it the biggest of the weekend.

Inverness Graded Meet 20 April 2019

A small team of six from Nairn District ASC travelled the short distance to compete in the Inverness Graded meet on Saturday 20th April.

The under 10 girls had stiff competition in the large age group category.

Rose Laurie (10) won a bronze medal with a PB in the 50m breast, she also achieved a PB in her 50m freestyle.

Ziva McAlpine (10) took time off her 50m fly and freestyle races.

Sapphire Melville (9) had a great meet with PB’s in all of her 50m races - back, freestyle and breast.

Maiya Urquhart (10) also achieved PB’s in her 50m back, freestyle and breast.

Annabelle Schulz (11) took a massive 7.88 secs off her 100 freestyle and another impressive 4.05 sec off her IM time and 5.47 secs off her breast for a superb day of PB’s.

Bailey Urquhart (13) narrowly missed out in medals in both his breast and freestyle races but improved his time by 7.25 sec in his 100 breast.

The under 10 girls (Rose, Ziva, Maiya and Sapphire) finished the day winning gold in the 200m relay.

Buckie Age Groups 13/14 April 2019

Yet again, Nairn District Amateur Swim Club (NDASC) swimmers impressed and succeeded with boundless improvements and personal bests at the recent meet in Buckie on the 13th and 14th of April 2019. The meet was attended by ten committed NDASC swimmers and although missing the ‘elders’ of the club due to exam studying, those who raced, raced hard and well.

Rosie Smith-Macaulay (15) proudly brought home a silver in the 100 Fly and three bronzes in the 400 Free, 200 Free and 100 Free events. As always, she was a strong contender and a perfect role model for the younger swimmers. Further medals were brought home by Bailey Urquhart (13) who won three bronze medals in the 100 Back, 200 Back and 200 Free. Ella Garrow (10) swam well for the club securing a bronze in the 100 Back and two fourth place finishes. Abigail Thomas (10) took home a silver in the 200 Back and a bronze in the 200 Free and achieved a fabulous 28.90 second PB in her 400 Free.

Eve Ross (12) raced hard with six events and achieved an extraordinary PB in the 400 Free taking 30.32 seconds off her previous time.

Connie Clinch (10) needs mentioning for her hard work all weekend swimming seven races and achieving seven excellent PB’s. She took a massive 36.15 seconds off her 400m Free, 22.03 seconds off her 200 Breast, 18.88 seconds off her 100 Fly and 16.37 seconds off her 200 IM.

Jess MacPherson (11) swam four races and delivered four excellent PB’s, Kirsten Main (11) achieved a considerable 17.46 second PB in her 200 IM and Darcey Woodman (12) also delivered three nice PB’s.

All racers exceeded themselves with PB’s in most categories. It is obvious the dedicated training and commitment to pool time is paying off for our young athletes.

City of Glasgow Graded Meet 6/7 April 2019

Eight swimmers from Nairn District ASC, ranging in age from 10-15 years,  travelled from the Highlands to Tolcross International Swimming Centre on the 6th and 7th April to compete in the City of Glasgow’s graded meet.

First to swim was Eilidh MacKay (15), competing in the 200IM. She swam well and took off 0.73 seconds from her personal best. Four more individual events followed with pb’s in the 50m &100m  freestyle races.

Racheal Gillespie (11) gained valuable experience in a 50m pool. She collected three personal bests over the weekend, with her best event being the 50 back where she took off a impressive 5.82 seconds.

Not to be outdone, Rachael’s older sibling Sophie Gillespie (15) swam three individual events. Her best race was 50breast where she improved her time by 1.07 seconds.

The sibling rivalry continued with Emily Hamer (12) and her younger brother George Hamer (10) Emily swam particularly well in the breaststroke events. In the 100m distance she swam a 1.35.08 gaining a 3.26 second PB and finished in overall 7th place in the 50m event.

George again demonstrated his potential, by claiming two bronze medals in the 100m fly and 100m free and a silver medal in the 100m breaststroke.

Fiona Mackintosh (15) improved her times by a significant margin of over 5 seconds in the 100 backstroke and 100 backstroke events.

Two of the promising ten year old girls Eilidh Maclennan and Abigail Thomas were obviously not overwhelmed by the size of the venue. Abigail took off an outstanding 7.24 seconds from her 50m free and improved her times in all other swims. Eilidh had the biggest PB of the weekend taking a huge 10.68 seconds off her 100 free.

NDASC also had 4 relays throughout the course of the weekend. On Saturday the younger girls Eilidh, Emily, Abigail and Racheal G swam the 4x50 free and had a time of 2.29.65 which was a PB of 4.85 seconds.

The older girls who swam 4x50 free were Sophie, Racheal, Eilidh Mack and Fiona and PB’d by 2.14 seconds.

On Sunday the younger girls (the same as previous) swam an impressive time of 2.46.11.

The older girls Sophie, Fiona and Eilidh Mack were joined by younger swimmer Emily and swam a time of 2.33.64.

Scottish National Age Group Championships 27-31 March 2019

This year the Scottish National Age Group Championships (SNAGS) was attended by five of Nairn District Amateur Swimming Club’s top swimmers. The competition took place at the 50m Tolcross pool in Glasgow which has housed the Commonwealth Games. The SNAGS event ran over five consecutive days from 27th to 31st March 2019.

Bailey Urquhart (13) made his debut and achieved a good PB in the 400 Medley Relay. Jessica Schulz (15) swam a fantastic 50 Breast, earning herself a new personal best in the final coming in ninth. Matching this, Graeme Squires (18) achieved a good personal best in the final of the 400 IM coming in an overall ninth. Lucas Weir (16) also got into the finals of the 50 Breast delivering a good personal best and coming in an overall seventh. Anna Reid (16) swam well and worked hard for her new personal best times. Lucas Weir also had a fantastic swim in the 200 Free taking a huge 14.20 seconds off his time.

Forres Two Day 16/17 March 2019

Fourteen swimmers from Nairn District Amateur Swimming Club (NDASC), aged from 9 to 16 years, competed at the local Forres Bluefins Two Day Meet on Saturday 16th and Sunday 17th March 2019.

Ella Garrow (10) stole the show with her haul of four golds and a silver and a nice set of 5 out of 5 PB’s. She was followed by team mates Abigail Thomas (10) and Connie Clinch (10) with silvers and bronzes. NDASC were delighted to see the 10 year old girls’ trio dominate the podium for the 50 Free with Ella first, Abigail second and Connie third.

NDASC won fourteen medals in total over the weekend. Ella Garrow (10) took away four golds in 50 Free, 50 Back, 50 Fly and 100 IM and a silver in 50 Breast, George Hamer (10) secured two silvers in the 50 Back and 100 IM, Abigail Thomas (10) collected two silvers in the 50 Free and 50 Back, Anna Reid (16) won a silver in the 100 Free and a bronze in the 100 Fly and Connie Clinch (10) took home three bronzes in the 50 Free, 50 Breast and 50 Fly.

New to competitions, Tori Nicol (9), achieved two fantastic PB’s knocking 7.86 seconds off her 50 Breast and 4.52 seconds off her 50 Free. Sadly, she was DQ’d in her 50 Back but had a great time and grows in confidence with each experience.  Rose Laurie (10), also recently new to competing, achieved two fine PB’s taking 2.86 seconds of her 50 Free and 1.32 seconds off her 50 Breast and Niamh Robertson (10) took a massive 5.45 seconds off her 100 IM time.

Emily Hamer (12) narrowly missed medals in a tough category coming in fourth in the 100 Back achieving a 3.61 second PB and fourth in the 100 Breast taking 1.76 seconds off her PB.

Eve Ross (12) had a great day achieving top 8 placings in all five of her events in a tough group and some fantastic PB’s particularly a huge 6.31 second improvement on her 100 Back.

Jessica MacPherson (11) alos had a great event with a full house of PB’s, the most significant was a considerable 4.85 second improvement in her 100 IM.

North District Age Group Champs Round Two - 2/3 March 2019

Round 2 of the SASA North District Age Group Championships took place on 2nd and 3rd March at The Aquatics Centre in Aberdeen. Nairn District ASC had a team of 12 swimmers attending.

The first swimmer of the day for Nairn, Graeme Squires, qualified for the finals of the 200IM. He fought well for the fourth position in this final only just missing out on a medal. He later swam the 400m free, gaining a personal best time. However, he was most pleased with a phenomenal 200m backstroke, taking the gold medal by a matter of milliseconds.

Jacob Duncan competed in his favourites events, the 50m and 100m breastroke, getting to the final in both distances. He brought a bronze medal home for his efforts in the 100m.

Brooke Lawrie brought home three medals this weekend. She attained a gold and silver for her 800m and 400m freestyle and a further Bronze medal in the gruelling 200 fly.

One of Nairns younger competitors, Emily Hamer, improved on all her times this weekend, including a very fast swim in the 50m freestyle where she took over 4 seconds from her previous best.. Her brother, George Hamer also achieved a 2 second personal best time in the 50 backstroke. Darcey Woodman also made progress in both events she swam.

Jessica Schulz competed in five events throughout the weekend, she attained many personal best times. A particular highlight was the 200m breaststroke, where she managed to take over 9 seconds from her entry time.

Lucas Weir added to Nairns medal haul by getting a bronze in his 100m breastroke and achieved further personal best times.

Anna Reid and Rosie Smith Macaulay also made progress this weekend. Anna had a strong swim in the 100 metre freestyle, shaving 2 seconds from her previous best and Rosie was delighted with an 8 second personal best in the 200 backstroke.

Bailey Urquhart proved once again that he is one to watch with great improvements over a mixture of strokes and distances. A highlight was an 11 second personal best in the 200 freestyle.

Special mention goes to the team of four girls who competed in the 400m IM relay. Anna Reid, Brooke Lawrie, Jessica Schulz and Rosie Smith-Macaulay. All swam well, resulting in overall seventh place.

NDASC Fast 50s

  full results

Nairn District had a fantastic evening of racing at the annual Fast 50's internal club competition on Friday 8th March 2019. This is a great event for swimmers of all ages to compete in a relaxed team environment and is ideal for the younger swimmers to build up their competition confidence.

Lucas Weir (16) was the overall winner of the Fast 50's trophy with runners up Graeme Squires (17) and Jessica Schulz (14).

The Record Breakers Cup went to Reiss Urquhart (8) who took 4 seconds of the 25m butterfly record swimming it in 24.53 seconds.

Medals were awarded to first, second and third in each category. See category winners below.

A total of 16 records were broken throughout all of the age categories. See record breakers below.

For some of the younger swimmers there were some impressive PB’s that warrant mention. Erin Anderson (9) took 10.19 seconds off 50 Fly, Tori Nicol (9) swiped 10.97 seconds off 50 Back and 4.09 seconds off 50 Free, Fraser Dunbar (10) took 6.65 seconds off 50 Fly, Maiya Urquhart (10) took 6.16 seconds off 50 Back and 7.90 seconds off 50 Breast, Monty Tree (11) knocked 8.31 seconds off 50 Breast, Struan Maclennan achieved a full house of PB’s with 5.91 seconds off 50 Back, 4.91 seconds off 50 Fly, 3.09 seconds off 50 Breast, 0.29 seconds off 50 Free and William Urquhart (14) knocked 5.25 seconds off 50 Fly.

Record Breakers

Reiss Urquhart - Boys 8 and under - 25 Back and 25 Fly

George Hamer - Boys 9-10 - 50 Back, 50 Breast and 50 Fly

Ella Garrow - Girls 9-10 - 50 Back and 50 Free

Abigail Thomas - Girls 9-10 - 50 Fly and 50 Back

Bailey Urquhart - Boys 11-12 - 50 Back and 50 Fly

Lucas Weir - Boys 15-16 - 50 Breast and 50 Free

Graeme Squires - Boys 17 and over - 50 Fly, 50 Back and 50 Free

Category Winners

8 & Under Girls – 1st Kitty Clinch (7)

8 & Under Boys – 1st Reiss Urquhart (8)

9-10 Girls – 1st Ella Garrow (10), 2nd Abigail Thomas (10), 3rd Eilidh Maclennan (10)

9-10 Boys – 1st George Hamer (10), 2nd Thurston Clokie (10), 3rd Fraser Dunbar (10), 3rd Jack Mackellar (10)

11-12 Girls – 1st Emily Hamer (12), 1st Darcey Woodman (12), 3rd Eve Ross (12)

11-12 Boys – 1st Bailey Urquhart (12), 2nd Struan Maclennan (12), 3rd Monty Tree (11)

13-14 Girls – 1st Jessica Schulz (14), 2nd Annabelle Clokie (13), 3rd Sharleen Kennedy (14)

13-14 Boys – 1st William Urquhart (14)

15-16 Girls – 1st Rosie Smith-Macaulay (15), 2nd Anna Reid (16), 3rd Eilidh Mackay (15)

15-16 Boys – 1st Lucas Weir (16), 2nd Christian Forgie (16)

17-99 Women – 1st Brooke Lawrie (17), 2nd Debbie Robertson (38)

17-99 Men – 1st Graeme Squires (17), 2nd Jacob Duncan (19)

Cults Novice Meet - 24th Feb

Ten swimmers from Nairn District Amateur Swimming Club attended the Cults Novice meet in Aberdeen on Sunday 24th February. The swimmers competed in the 9, 10 & 11 year old categories and for many this was their first external meet. There was much excitement and some healthy nervousness. The swimmers were all a credit to their team in their sportsmanship, teamwork and they all went home a little hoarse from cheering on each other from poolside.

Eilidh Maclennan (10) had a superb day taking the award for Best 10 Year Old Girl following her set of medals - Gold 100 IM, Gold 50 Back, Silver 50 Fly and 4th place 50 Free.

Rachael Gillespie (11) gained a Silver medal and PB for 50 Breast.

Thurston Clokie (10) came away with a Bronze medal for his 50 Breast (with a new time) and 4th place for 50 Free (taking a massive 10.03s off his PB).

Enda Riley (11) gained a 5th place in 50 Breast (taking a fantastic 8.18s off his PB).

There were also plenty more excellent PB’s. Erin Anderson (9) took 6.92s off her 100 IM and Thurston Clokie took 10.03 seconds off this 50 Free. Corrie Eccles Boyd (11) set some great new personal times across her three swims. Enda Riley (11) achieved a full set of PB’s taking 8.18 seconds off 50 Breast, 7.33s off 100 IM, 5.03s off 50 Free and 3.17 seconds off 50 Back.

NDASC also had strong relay teams. Eilidh Maclennan (10), Rachael Gillespie (11), Annabelle Schulz (11), Niamh Robertson (10) took 4th place in 200 Medley Relay. The same team secured 5th place in the 200 Free Relay and the B team, Enda Riley (11), Fraser Dunbar (10), Thurston Clokie (10), Rose Laurie (10), swam a great first time 200 Free Relay.

Elgin Spring Meet - 16/17 Feb 2019

The Elgin ASC Spring Meet, took place at Buckie Leisure Centre on the weekend of 16th February. Nairn District ASC was represented by a large group of 21 swimmers, ranging from 10-17 years of age. This meet also attracts swimmers who want to achieve qualifying times for the forthcoming Scottish National Age Groups which takes place at the end of March, so competition is very strong.

The clubs group of promising ten and eleven year old swimmers consisting of Ella Garrow, George Hamer, Rachael Gillespie, Abigail Thomas, Eilidh Maclennan, Jessica MacPherson and Kirsten Main performed exceptionally well at this event. There were many medals and extraordinary personal best times. George took a silver and bronze medal home, taking over 17 seconds from his personal best time in the 200 backstroke. Ella competed in seven events taking medals home in five of them, including a silver in the 200 freestyle event where she gained a 8 second personal best, swimming under 3 minutes for the first time. Abigail also made huge leaps forward in her 200 freestyle and 200 backstroke. Both were personal best times of over 13 seconds and she was rewarded with a gold and bronze medal. Eilidh competed in nine events over the weekend and gained a bronze in the 50 breast. Her biggest personal best however, came in the 100 backstroke event, where she took over 14 seconds from her personal best and only narrowly missing out on another medal. Rachael, Kirsten and Jessica swam very well also and all improved from their previous times.

No less impressive were the efforts from the clubs 12 and 13 year olds. Darcey Woodman was pleased with a silver and bronze in the 50 free and 50 fly.Eve Ross took home a bronze from the 100 breast but made great progress in the 200 backstroke where a 12 second personal best put her into 4th position. Annabelle Clokie improved both her times in the 100 and 200 backstroke and Bailey Urquhart impressed everyone with his stamina and versatility over eleven events. He was rewarded with a bronze in the 50 fly taking nearly seven seconds from this swim.

The club has a very committed group of girls aged between 14-16. These consist of Jessica Schulz, Rosie Smith Macaulay, Sophie Gillespie, Fiona Mackintosh, Scarlett Morland and Anna Reid. Jessica had a very successful weekend, dominating her age group in both breast and freestyle events, gaining five medals, four of them gold. Anna managed to gain a medal for each race she entered - a total of 2 silvers and 4 bronze and Scarlett was delighted with two bronze medals in the hotly contested, 50 back and 50 freestyle. Fiona, Rosie and Sophie all gained valuable personal best times, including an exceptional swim in the 200 backstroke, where Sophie improved her time by nearly 10 seconds.

Lucas Weir and Christian Forgie (both 16) performed well. Lucas swam a total of ten events over the weekend and gained a medal in half of them, including a gold in the 200 breaststroke although it is worth mentioning that he finished  in the top 5 in every event. Christian was pleased to gain a bronze in the gruelling 200 fly.

Brooke Lawrie (17) came away with 3 medals, including a well earned gold in the 200 fly. 

Graeme Squires proved once again that he is a force to be reckoned with. A grand total of seven golds and one silver. Not content with this medal haul, he continued the winning steak by competing in the meets skins event. This exciting end to the day, sees the best sprinters compete in a series of 50m races of various strokes. Swimmers are gradually eliminated until the final two compete to find the overall winner, with Graeme taking first place.

The whole meet was very successful for Nairn swimmers with a grand total of 44 medals won across the whole team.

SASA North District Age Group Champs - 2/3 February 2019

Round one of the SASA North District Age Group championships, was held on the first weekend of February in Aberdeen. Nairn District ASC, sent a grand total of fifteen swimmers to compete at this high level meet - the largest number of qualifying swimmers in the clubs history. For many younger swimmers, this was both the first time they had achieved the necessary times to compete at a District Meet and competed in a long course pool.

The youngest competitors were ten year olds Ella Garrow and George Hamer and twelve year old Eve Ross. All swam well in the unfamiliar 50 metre pool. Ella, taking over 4 seconds from her 50 breast and George an impressive 7 seconds from the 50m fly.

The thirteen year olds, Emily Hamer and Bailey Urquhart, also performed above expectation with Emily taking over 4 seconds from her previous time in the 50 breast and Bailey storming ahead in the 200 backstroke with a 12 second personal best time. Darcey Woodman also swam well in both her events.

A bronze medal was the result of an excellent swim by Jessica Schulz (15) in the highly contested 100 metre breaststroke final for 14-15 year old girls. She also reached the final of the 50m breast, swimming a personal best time.

Also reaching two finals over the weekend was Anna Reid (16). Both of these were backstroke events. However, she achieved personal bests in fly and freestyle events aswell. The largest one being in the 100 fly.

Her teammates, Scarlett Morland, Rosie Smith Macaulay and Eilidh Mackay also had good swims over the weekend. Most notable was Rosie’s excellent 200 metre freestyle and Eilidh's very fast 50 metre freestyle, where both girls exceeded their previous recorded times.

The only girl from Nairn to swim the gruelling 1500m freestyle event was Brooke Lawrie. Her fabulous efforts were rewarded with a gold medal within her category of 18 years and over.

The senior boys flew the flag for Nairn District. Graeme Squires returned with bronze medals in the 200 breast (recording a stunning 9 second PB in the process) and in the 400 IM. An event that he always excels.

Lucas Weir reached the finals in two events - the 50 metre & 100 metre backstroke and shaved time from his 50 metre time and Jacob Duncan added a silver medal to his collection, for the Boys 18 and over 200 metre breast stroke event. Most of these swimmers are now looking forward to returning to Aberdeen Aquatics centre for Round 2, which will be held on the first weekend of March.

SAS New year Meet - 12/13 Jan 2019

The South Aberdeenshire Swimming (SAS) Meet was the first in the New Year for three swimmers from Nairn Distract ASC; Emily Hamer, Eve Ross and Christian Forgie.

All swimmers had a fantastic weekend with some mighty Personal Bests and seven medals between them!

The 200m Free saw all three deliver great PB’s. Christian on the Saturday took 9.77s off and bagged himself a silver medal whilst Emily and Eve, in the same event on Sunday, took off almost 20s between them; Emily a whopping 10.94s securing herself gold and Eve a fabulous 7.89s winning bronze.

Emily also achieved PB’s in her 200m Breast with 1.6s and another huge 9.71s off her 200m Back time.

Eve knocked 6s off her 200 IM time and won gold in the 11 year old age group.

Chris also secured a gold in his 400 IM event with a 2s PB plus two bronzes in the 200 IM and 200 Back.

The NDASC swimmers and poolside coaches proved to be great competitors and ambassadors for the Club.

HST Meet, Inverness 15/16 December 2018

Nairn District ASC had over 30 swimmers competing at the HST Meet on Saturday 15th and Sunday 16th December. The youngest swimmers were 10 and the oldest 19. Many younger swimmers swam 100m races and 200 IM in competition for the first time and smashed their recent times recorded in a club time trial.

A haul of seventeen medals were acquired between six of the older swimmers which included Jacob Duncan (19) who won two silvers in the 50m Breast and 100m Breast, Brooke Lawrie (17) who achieved two silvers in the 800 Free and 1500 Free, Graeme Squires (17) who acquired three golds in the 200 IM, 100 Fly and 50m Back plus two silvers in the 100 Back and 400 Free and a bronze in the 50m Free, Lucas Weir (15) who won a gold in the 100m Back, three silvers in the 50m Free, 50m Back and 100m Free plus a bronze in the 100m Breast, Anna Reid (15) who “flew” away with two bronze in the 50m Fly and 100 Fly and Jessica Schulz (14) who won a silver in the 100 Breast!

There were so many PB’s over the two days and across the team but the most considerable included Christian Forgie (16) who delivered three massive PB’s of 50.83 seconds in the 1500m Free, 20.59 seconds in the 400m Free and 10.07 seconds in the 800m Free, Struan Maclennan (12) who achieved a 17.75 second PB in the 200m IM and Connie Clinch (10) who knocked an impressive 12.98 seconds off her 100m Breast time.

A special mention to Graeme Squires (17), Lucas Weir (15) and Scarlett Morland (15) who, as a result of their performances in the 50m races, qualified for the grueling “Skins Event” at the end of the competition. The Skins Event is a continuous competition commencing with eight competitors and over a continuous series of 50m races. One or more competitors are eliminated in each round until a winner is determined. Graeme and Lucas swam hard and after seven rounds of skins everyone had been eliminated apart from the two Nairn swimmers. In an exciting final race of 50 free, Graeme touched first and was crowned champion with Lucas pushing Graeme all the way to the wall.

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